Below is a sample contract for clients new and old. Rates vary from time to time so please contact me for specifics. If we agree to work together, I will email you a contract which you can sign and return to me by mail or scan and attach to an email.

Literary Editing Letter of Agreement


Should we agree to work together on your writing project(s), we will need to agree on a few basic “rules of the road” to avoid misunderstandings. They are:

As my client you, name _email_ contact information.

You have a right to your privacy. No information I receive from you, either personal or related to your writing projects, will be shared with other individuals or businesses.

You understand that ideas (plots, character types, titles, facts) are not copyrightable and that at any time many authors, including others with whom I may be working, may be pursuing similar concepts. Working with similar ideas does not constitute plagiarism. But presenting another author’s words or ideas as your own original work is plagiarism and/or copyright infringement and is illegal. By agreeing to work with me, you are promising that all work you present will be your own original work.

Any work we do together will be considered, for copyright purposes, your work. That is, the copyright to the book, novel, short story, memoir, etc., that you bring to me, remains with you, and if I should contribute anything copyrightable to your work, I hereby transfer and assign all rights in my contribution to you.

If I share with you the names of publishers, editors, or agents, this does not constitute a recommendation or guarantee that your work will be accepted by these individuals or companies. I will freely share information with you that I feel might benefit you. I will never accept rewards of any kind (kickbacks) from any publisher, editor, or agent for referrals.

I promise to offer you constructive criticism based on your goals and level of writing skills. In return, you agree to accept my suggestions without taking offense. Criticism is a healthy tool for improving one’s writing skills and reaching important goals. I critique the work, not you as a person.

You, as the client, agree to pay for our sessions then schedule time which is convenient to both of us.

I will tell you if I feel, after any discussion, that I am unable to help you with your particular writing issues. I reserve the right to decline a client who likely won’t benefit from my help.

I promise to respect your writing, regardless of genre, style or content. In return, I expect you to respect my writing choices, which may differ from yours. We are fellow authors but, as individuals, pursue different dreams. Honoring each other’s art is an important part of our working relationship.

My fee schedule, as it applies to your work:

Proof Read for typographical errors and grammar, contact me

Copy Edit includes the above plus continuity and structure, contact me

Full Edit includes both the above plus plot, character development, world building, and marketability contact me

Acceptable forms of payment are Paypal (preferred for security and speed by many of my clients) or personal checks (must first clear my bank before scheduling time). If for any reason we terminate our work together, I will refund any overpayment; however, I reserve the right to round off any time beyond an hour to the next hour.


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