Anthology Editing Resume” Phyllis Irene Radford

“Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls” Bookview Café 2008, SF reprints

“Dragon Lords and Warrior Women” Bookview Café 2009 Fantasy reprints

“The Shadow Conspiracy” Book View Café 2009

“The Shadow Conspiracy II” Book View Café 2010

“The Shadow Conspiracy III” Book View Café June 28, 2016

“Breaking Waves” Book View Café 2010, Gulf Oil Spill relief charity

“Healing Waves” Skywarrior Books, 2011, Japan Tsunami relief charity

“Ways to Trash Your Writing Career” Book View Café 2010

“Gears and Levers I” Skywarrior Books 2012

“Gears and Levers II” Skywarrior Books 2013

“Gears and Levers III” Skywarrior Books 2014

“How Beer Saved the World” Skywarrior Books 2014

“First Contact Café” Skywarrior Books 2014

“How Beer Saved the World 2” Skywarrior Books coming 9/8/2016

“Tales From an Alien Campfire” Knotted Road Press 2015