Every writer I have met in the past 20+ years of my career comes to a point where they are too close to their own words. They know what they meant to say and can’t see what they actually wrote. This is where the beta reader, critique partner, or editor comes in. We see the work cold and can examine it closely for what it says and what it should say.

Publishing has changed a lot in the last decade, indeed it changes by the day. Traditional publishing with its built-in editor is no longer the only option. Self publishing, independent publishing, or small press publishing are now all viable options.

I offer a range of services at varying, competitive prices. I can do a full blown content edit, copy edit, or just a proof read for typos–you will still get content comments thrown in if I see a major problem.

Part of my job is to teach my clients to look more closely at their writing, to spot vague or passive language, untangle long and convoluted sentences, and straighten out the chronology. I’m big on point of view as a tool of intimacy between the reader and the character.

Another change that has come about since I submitted my first manuscripts in hard copy is the use of paragraph styles in the formatting template. As a courtesy to my clients, I will automatically put your manuscript into paragraph styles which will save many headaches in converting to mobi pocket (all things Kindle) or epub (every other e-book retailer) for publication.

I hope I can help you find your own road to publishing.